Monday, April 03, 2006

Uncle Michael

We had such a great time visiting with my brother. Hadleigh just {adored} him! They played with the ball outside, did stickers together, looked through Fine Woodworking magazines together (she feigned interest!).

My favorite moment was his first night here. I went to go get her for a bath...bedtime was approaching quickly...she was sitting on Michael's lap on the couch, reading book after book after book. I couldn't bring myself to end the moment, so I let them read together. Precious. So wonderful to see Hadleigh adapt to family that we don't see often so quickly! So dear to my heart to see my little brother, loving and interacting with my daughter.

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Ruth said...

I think that there is a special bond between family that even kids recognize.
Love your day 5 and 6 pages, very cool.


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