Thursday, April 06, 2006

day nine

Here's the entry for day nine...even though it is day eleven! Ten more days! WOW!

Today's quote "Never permit failure to become a habit." was perfectly timed. This morning I really almost didn't exercise. It literally took me *forever* to fall asleep. Usually I would get up and read or scrapbook or stare at the computer (which always makes me tired) but I really wanted to get more sleep so I just stayed in bed, willing my mind to stop going 100 mph.

So I was tired.
Did not want to exercise. Cuddled Hadleigh on the couch and looked at her Elmo books.
All the while, I knew
I must do something.

So I did the flexibility routine. Not very long, does not require much energy, but still got my body moving and stretched. Glad in hindsight that I didn't give in...cause I would have felt REALLY bad after reading the quote :)


Lilli said...

Good for you! Mindset is so important, isn't it?

Frances Mileski said...

Hi Kimber-Leigh! I'm going to have to mark your blog too...and I love love love your RED pages...i'm going to have to borrow that idea, maybe tomorrow! I noticed that Lili regularly comments on your site..I love her site too. I will continue to post scrapbook and journal pages when this is over if you promise to as well !


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