Wednesday, April 12, 2006

day thirteen and ramblings...

I really like my little birdie! (And she's sparkly...I rediscovered my Sakura Gelly Roll sparkle pens...and I had F-U-N!) I love the thought of flight...although for some reason it is bringing to mind The Awakening by Kate Chopin right now.

Have you read it? One of my favorite novels from high school and one that I LOVED teaching to my eleventh graders...which seems like so long ago, even though my last year was only 4 years ago. I miss teaching literature...but I SO enjoy being home with my little chickadees! I wouldn't trade being home for the world. Looking forward to beginning some "homeschool preschool" with Hadleigh next fall...and of course, we'll start with reading :) (Childrens books are so fun at any age...another flashback to my eleventh AP student's "children book class"--such fun!)

Hadleigh amazes me by leaps and bounds...just when I think she will never show interest in the ABC's she surprises me with "V. Vvvvvv. V." "N. Naniel." And now she's getting close to recognizing the majority...though not in any order....but now that I think about it, why does the order really matter? Anyone out there have any ideas?

Off to make my grocery list...or finish a scrapbook page....


Andrea said...

i love your birdie...awesome page!

sarah.b said...

love the two big focal points, soo neat!

Fran M said...

Hi Kimber-Leigh,

The flourish stamp set is Making Memories. They are fun and so pretty. How old is your daughter?
My son just turned 2 - I think we should start learning how to recognize the alphabet or maybe he's too young. He looks at letters and he knows A and O.

Oooh that Sarah B who commented has a very cool blog..she does incredible digital work!

Stephanie said...

i don't know why there is an order to the abc's b/c i always mix them up, especially in foreign languages. i get them all in the end. looks like you are having fun with the journal. how is the exercising?

ps-you can comment on your own blog! i want you to answer my questions! i am so needy!

Krista said...

my son is four and to learn his ABC's, I put little alphabet stickers on things in his room. "B" on book, "D" on drawer, "T" on trains, etc...and he really got it. He enjoyed looking for new letters, and I'd change them up once he knew without looking. It was like a scavenger hunt for him.

Your journal is so neat! I love the whole idea.


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