Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We've had a great Easter sister Katy got to come visit for a looong fun for her to get to stay for more than just 2 days! We had a blast teaching Hadleigh how to dye eggs...she did a great job. Her favorite color egg of course? "Mink."

Then Katy and I created these *gorgeous* (if I do say so myself) eggs. You can read about how to make them here. You use silk ties to color them, and it is SO easy! Thanks Mom for making sure I watched Martha that day :)

Had a wonderful Easter Sunday with a visit from a pastor who could be our new pastor! Very fun to interact with him and his wife...and they have a two-year old daughter and little boy on the way!!!! Exciting to think our year without a pastor may be coming to a close soon! Praise God!

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Fran M said...

Your daughter is gorgeous. The eggs - FABULOUS!


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