Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ba Ba Boom!

This is my little guy...our not-so-chubby "chubby buddy"...Hadleigh's "Naniel". I don't blog about him nearly enough...maybe because Hadleigh in her "3-ness" does and says plenty to keep the blog (and me) busy...but Nathanael's personality bubbles over and is infectious.
In the picture above, he is showing us his "happy smile"...which can make any yucky day all-of-a-sudden a happy one.
His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Some of our favorites of his include:
Bible (he says it ALL the time),
Ba-ba-boom! (we're really not sure where this came from, but he loves it and we love it.)
eb-bow (elbow, as he points to his, or Hadleigh's, or mine)
peas (please)
ang-goo (thank you...exactly how Hadleigh pronounced it when she FINALLY decided to use it...he picked it up on his own and uses it sporadically after receiving something.)
Elm-mo (with an almost silent "l"...he uses Elmo to describe any cartoon/video/picture of a video/the t.v.)
Mimi (this is his name for the phone, which was also Hadleigh's first name for the phone, which also happens to be my mom's "grandmother name"...hmmm...I wonder who I talk to a lot!)
Bankee (whenever he needs a little comfort from his blankie)
Bowl (which means he either wants the food on the table in front of him or he is through with the bowl on his tray.)
He loves to give high-five's, every now and then he will give Mommy a kiss (mmm-uh), he lives to wrestle Daddy and do anything and everything with Hadleigh. But one of my favorite things about him is that he doesn't mind being covered in kisses...I kiss him constantly if I am holding him...he has the most wonderful soft skin...I describe him as gooey, which my sister thinks is preposterous, but you other mothers will understand and identify, I am sure. (And yes, Hilary, I could just eat him up!)
So I'll leave you with this picture of the little boy who constantly makes me thankful. He is pointing out all his body parts (eyes, ears, teeth, cheeks, nose, elbows) after dinner at the table...and of course, his hands are so dirty and greasy (he's a boy after all) but nevertheless, he has to point out his head!


Anonymous said...

He is sooo precious... We miss you guys so much...I need to smother him with kisses !! I can't wait for June to come!!!Love to all, Mimi

Marianne said...

What a cute little fella and what a sparkling personality he has already!

aunt katy said...

i never said preposterous. just weird. gooey is something like warm brownies taken out of the oven two and a half minutes before the recipe calls for it.


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