Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our Favorite Feast

For special occasions and spontaneous treats, Brent and I love to have a cheese/meat/fruit board for dinner. It makes a wonderful light dinner (unless you eat way too much bread and cheese, which I am usually guilty of.) and is easy and fun to prepare.

We began this "tradition" after returning from a first anniversary trip to France...we consumed so much wonderful food there...but our favorites were the bread and cheese and wine. (And I was a big fan of the french onion soup, too!) So I hope you can enjoy a "taste of France" soon!

Cheese & Meat board

1. 2-4 cheeses, some of our favorites include Brie, Port Salut, Gouda, but we always like to include a new one to try.
2. baguette, sliced thinly and/or crackers
3. sliced meats, we love herbes de provence-crusted salami (and I am not usually a salami fan)
4. a selection of mustards
5. fruit, we like strawberries, apples, pears, and grapes
6. a great wine, sparkling cider/juice, or sparkling water (what I've been drinking lately, especially Perrier!)


Jillian Marie said...

Ohhh, this type of meal has my name all over it!! I love a little bit of cheese, crackers and fruit!! Mmmm, you are making me hungry!! :)

Shawna said...

Yum! The wine would be my favorite part...followed closely by the bread! :)


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