Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rainy days

Rainy days are my favorite. Especially afternoon thunderstorms in the summer. But I'll take a rainy day any day of the year! (I know, I know, by now you all know this about me!)
We've had lots of rain lately...and lots of rainbows in front of our house! About two weeks ago, we were outside one evening letting the kiddos play when it started to rain all of a sudden. We ran into the garage and just watched the rain come down. As it started to end (and was just raining lightly) Nathanael wanted me to put him down. He was intrigued by the raindrops he saw and ventured out onto the driveway, followed closely by his big sister. Brent got some great shots of them playing in the rain...I especially love the ones of their reflections!


stephaniehowell said...

oh, honey-
i have NOT missed this rain. come to harker heights and you can take a boat down my road. not to mention there is a lake in my back yard.

Jillian Marie said...

Look at your cuties :), I agree rainy days are fun!


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