Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Six years

We celebrated our sixth anniversary on Saturday...a quiet and relaxing weekend. It's not often I am without my own words :) but here is a sonnet of Christina Rossetti's (one of my favorite poets) that expresses much of my heart:

Sonnet 5 from "Monna Innominata: A Sonnet of Sonnets"

O my heart's heart, and you who are to me
More than myself myself, God be with you,
Keep you in strong obedience leal and true
To Him whose noble service setteth free,
Give you all good we see or can foresee,
Make your joys many and your sorrows few,
Bless you in what you bear and what you do,
Yea, perfect you as He would have you be.
So much for you; but what for me, dear friend?
To love you without stint and all I can
Today, tomorrow, world without an end;
To love you much and yet to love you more,
As Jordan at his flood sweeps either shore;
Since woman is the helpmeet made for man.


Jillian Marie said...

OMG aren't you just too beautiful!!! You guys are a cute couple!

Happy Anniversary, sorry the wishes are late in coming, but I hope it was a wonderful day!

Shawna said...

Happy Anniversary! Are you kidding me that it's been 6 years??? Amazing! I miss those days when you read poetry to me... and then explaining what it means. ha! I think I got this one.:)

Miss you SO much and love you more.

Jody said...

Happy {belated} wedding annivesary. I hope each year grows sweeter than the year before. Loved your sonnet. Very fitting!


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