Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back in the saddle...

We began school on Monday.

It was a very looooooong first day.  I felt the way I did once upon a time when I taught high school. 

And a bit overwhelmed.

Tuesday was much better. Honestly, a great day.

Today...was somewhere in between.  

I have high hopes for tomorrow.

(I had a homeschooling post composed beautifully in my head last you blog in your mind too? I should know by now to leave the dishes and run to the computer...or at least find paper!)

Day 16: what I ate

And because of the first week back, I've been relying on my crock pot this week.  And old standbys. Tried and true (and easy) recipes. 

Last night's dinner of 20 Clove Chicken was easy...though not really knock-your-socks off...maybe because I didn't have the main marinade ingredient on hand???  (But I have to say that whole garlic cloves that have been cooking all day are yummy.)

Tonight is BBQ Sandwiches, quite easy thanks to my trusty crock pot.

Tomorrow...the kid's favorite Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas, which I'm making partly since it's their favorite and mostly because it's my favorite go-to "Meal Delivery" recipe...and our pastor and his wife had a precious baby girl last week!  

Friday...I'm either cooking Orange Beef and Broccoli or ordering Pizza...we shall see.

What have you been cooking this week?


Allison Waken said...

We are back to school too and have been crazy! We had simple chicken, rice and veggies on Monday, Breakfast tacos last night, and I have NO clue what we'll do tonight. Maybe pizza - it's just one of those weeks!

Amy Coose said...

Your doing grea for cooking the first week back to school, all your recipes sound sooooo good!

Kacy D said...

Ha! I did sour cream chicken enchiladas on Monday...from the tried and true Rams cookbook :) Its my go-to for meal delivery, too. So easy and I always have all the ingredients. My kiddos eat it up as well! Best wishes as school gets going.....

Michele H. said...

I need to use my crock pot more often! This week has been a dinner-less week. I can't wait to get to the grocery store and farmer's market to stock up on our favorites:)


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