Thursday, August 04, 2011

wishful thinking

Winnie The Pooh clouds.  


Oh, how I wish for rainclouds.

Dark, thick thunderclouds on the horizon, stretched for so far that they can't avoid us. Thunder shaking the summer day. Lightning to punctuate the night sky. (Just no tornadoes, thank you very much.)


Smothering, grey rainclouds, drizzling a slow and steady rain for several days. Or a week. As far as the eye can see.

I'd even take another 10 minute cloud that just teases the grass for a few fleeting moments.

I'd love a reason to be upset I forgot my umbrella.  I'd love to pull on rainboots and splash in the puddles with my kiddos.  I'm ready to twirl in the raindrops with my girls.

Oh yes, I am hoping and dreaming and wishing for rain.

Day 3: clouds

ETA...I should add that  last night, we did get one of those 10 minute rainclouds while we were in town...though it missed our neighborhood.  But it still made me happy...those few raindrops...and getting to see the lightning on the horizon from Kansas storms!


Donna said...

gorgeous photo. gorgeous. I'm about ready for some glorious rain as well. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Amy Coose said...

That's one amazing picture. We could use some rain here in Northern VA as well.

Sasha Holloway said...

Let's trade places for a day .. I miss the states not the baking heat but I do miss the sun.. it rains so much in the UK LOL. Nice shot.

Kasey said...

Love your picture of the clouds!

Ashley said...

I'll trade your clear skies for my unending rain in Germany- I don't think we've even gotten the chance to say hello to summer over here!

lisa truesdell said...

love that photo!! we've been all or nothing for rain here - either crazy storms or days of heat. odd summer weather..

Ursula said...

oh how well I can relate to your wishes! Here's hoping some moisture comes your way!


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