Thursday, August 11, 2011

A train with a whistle

When I first saw the "something I made" photo prompt, I was excited...thinking I would show off something crafty and beautiful or even something complicated and tasty.

 Day 11: something I made

But the reality of yesterday was focused mainly on those three pictured above.  Playing, running errands, lesson planning and organizing for homeschool, and a fun evening out.

Every summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) since we moved to our Oklahoma town, we enjoy train rides at an old-fashioned (and very small) amusement park operated by the local Kiwanis Club.  This year, we've been waiting...and waiting.  The train doesn't operate when it's over 100 degrees for safety reasons concerning the tracks...and so yesterday was our first evening to enjoy it this year.

Children were happy.  Parents enjoyed the cool breezes.  Grandparents smiled at grandchildren.  The carousel music floated on the air.

And I watched my three.

Madeleine and Hadleigh sat mesmerized by the carousel, discussing which horse they would ride the next time we came.  All three jumped up and down at the gate, watching in the distance for who could first spot the coming train.  They were so excited to hold onto their own tickets (though a bit reluctant to hand them to the conductor.)  I especially kept my eye on Madeleine, who I think didn't really remember riding the train in previous years...and who got to ride on the last row (facing backwards) alone with her sister.  She was elated and all smiles the whole ride around the park.  I think she felt "big".  Nathanael asked questions about the train and the pond and why there was no steam coming from the engine.  Hadleigh kept a watchful eye on her cautious eldest and my not-so-concerned baby girl...and pointed out all the ducks and birds.

Growing up, my Mom always said to the four of us a "Make a Memory."  Usually it was as we drove up the driveway in the early spring, witnessing the beauty of the red and white and pink azaleas that were in bloom.  Now, when I think of those azaleas, I think of our suburban with my whole family inside...not just the pretty flowers.  The memories that are strongest focus on the people.

Today I made a memory of my children relishing the simple joys of small town pleasures.  
No fancy roller coasters or splashy water rides.  
Just a train with a whistle, bridges and ponds and tunnels. 

And the breeze in our hair.


Ursula said...

love the sentiment here, and your children are just beautiful!

Margrethe said...

This is such a cute post! :)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

i love small towns. last sunday.. i drove the kids, my parents and my sister to a nearby sleepy old fishing- town called pontian in Johor. it was such a good trip we wanna go again. we went to the beach, we saw fishermen came back from sea, we shopped.. we had fun.

Nevette said...

Love your thoughts. Missing you. Love you.


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