Monday, August 15, 2011


 Day 14: flowers

Hydrangeas are my favorite flower... and this summer, I've been amazed at how my hydrangea bushes (which normally wilt every afternoon in normal summer heat) have thrived despite 110 degree heat since the end of June.

Maybe it's all the extra watering Brent has done to compensate for the heat, but my hydrangeas don't even wilt in the afternoon.

It's a little bit bizarre.

Granted, they don't look as full and fresh as they do in May...but there are a couple new blooms and plenty of new growth.

Did I mention they aren't wilting?

What are your favorite summer blooms?


Kelly Noel said...

these are beautiful!! i wish we could grow them here, but i think the heat would be too much.

~Sasha Farina~ said...

KL, they're my favorite too! if you notice.. i usually have some on my layouts! heeheee... :D we live in an apartment with absolutely no way to plant anything, so on my layouts they live.

Hilary said...

I love hydrangeas but the pink and blue mopheads won't grow here. I'm thinking I'm going to plant annabelles next year. But my favorite is my mother-in-laws daylilies that she shared with us and do wonderfully in Colorado. I wish I could come see you and your beautiful hydrangeas.

Ursula said...

I know how relieved you must feel. Everything wilts in the afternoons here too, no matter how much water. Your hydrangeas are gorgeous. I was so impressed with them when we visited the south this summer.

Anonymous said...

I love hydrangeas too! Wish I had some here. My one bush used to be lovely, but has totally gone bad this summer. Of course I didn't do anything to it...maybe that's the problem! lol Should I cut it back or something in the spring?


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