Friday, August 19, 2011

In My Bag

Over the years, I've always loved reading the "In Your Bag" features in magazines...and since my middle school/high school obsession with Lipsmackers, I've always loved "lotions and potions" as Brent calls them.  And so the chance of being introduced to new products has always intrigued me.

I can't say my bag and contents are super interesting or unique right this minute, but here goes!

Day 18: In my bag

I got this purse on Zulily a while back.  I love the size, the shape, and the inside polka-dot pattern reminds me of Boden and makes me happy.

Inside? My wristlet/wallet, hair clip, keys, glasses case with glasses and sunglasses, new gelato schedule, plastic baggie of change for tolls, and my Vera Bradley makeup bag.  I also have (unpictured) a crazy amount of little notebooks, pens, and pencils that I keep on hand for keeping the kiddos occupied.

And inside the makeup bag, MAC pressed powder, concealer, lipliner, lipglass, and lipsticks in two shades ( ), two Sephora lip glosses from a birthday bonus a year or so ago, 2 mirrors (one made by my talented friend Courtney), my favorite Lollia hand lotion, and an unnecessarily large assortment of chapsticks! (original Burts Bees, Rose tinted Burts Bees, Burts Bees Radiance Shimmer, and Savannah Bee Company Earl Grey Lip Balm.)  I think I'm covered, don't you?

So, please share with me your favorite thing that's in your bag right now!


sarah corbin said...

earlier when I was looking in my purse today, I saw a few pens, allergy medicine, and a couple of raisins. :)

Kimber-Leigh said...

i need to add allergy meds to mine too...for the younger kiddos!

the raisins make me laugh, because i think i threw away an empty raisin box from my purse the day before i took this picture!


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