Saturday, August 06, 2011


Day 5: someone I love 
(who was playing golf somewhere MUCH greener and cooler than OK this weekend!)

I briefly shared a few months ago that we celebrated our tenth anniversary in May...but forgot to blog about our quick trip to Savannah to celebrate.

Originally we had planned on taking a long vacation (just the two of us) to celebrate...but due to a possible move (now further in the future but still on the close horizon) we thought it best to wait until we know more of the big picture.

After driving to Kiawah with my family, we left the kiddos with my parents and left the South Carolina coast for Savannah, Georgia.  Neither of us had ever been...and I was quite excited about the rich history and literary merits of the oh-so-southern city.

We stayed at the AVIA Savannah (which was wonderful) and after checking in, we immediately began to explore.

There was a tall-ship in dock on the river which had free we went on board and took some pictures...wishing just a bit that Nathanael was there with his eye patch and pirate hat.

We grabbed a quick lunch along the river, enjoyed the old cobblestone streets, ate gelato, and watched an old fashioned taffy machine do its magic at Savannah's Candy Kitchen. (I felt like I was in the kitchen with Jeremy and Jemima in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.)  

The buildings along River Street are beautiful...the steep staircases down to the river are so very quaint...the knowledge that the rock wall along the back of restaurant we dined in dated to the Revolution tugs at the imagination.  There's nothing like the eastern US (and the South) to bring US History a bit closer. (And I loved the second story building entrances (facing away from the river) that required their own personal bridges to access the front! My picture of those got deleted!)

Next we did a bit of shopping along Broughton Street.  Savannah Bee Company was so unique...and the honey delicious.  A place I'd love to bring the kids...especially this location (we visited two!) as there's a fun little play space!

I had seen my friend Stephanie (who gave us amazing suggestions for our trip...thanks again Steph!) mention the Paris Market on her blog...and I knew it was a must.  What a beautiful place...I left with lots of creative ideas (and a long wish list!)

While I browsed, Brent spent time in their beautiful patisserie, enjoying an iced latte. (And they were wonderful...I got one to go!) Isn't it perfect? I'd love to spend more carefree afternoons there!

After a bit more sightseeing, we got ready for a wonderful dinner at Elizabeth's on 37th.  It was the perfect setting for a leisurely dinner and place to talk about and celebrate 10 years of marriage.  We had an after-dinner date for coffee and browsing at Barnes & Noble (a favorite pastime prior to children and living in two cities without a B&N) followed by a late movie.

The next morning we ventured back to the cobblestone streets for breakfast at Huey's on the River.  I had an amazing cafe au lait and yummy Eggs Benedict.

But the star of our breakfast???

These amazing beignets, drizzled with praline sauce.  Many times since then, I have craved another one. I am so glad Stephanie recommended them.  I'll go anywhere that serves dessert for breakfast!

Afterwards, we explored the city a bit more by carriage.  Our tour guide was funny and we enjoyed learning more "behind the scenes" history of Savannah.  The architecture and design of the city are truly unique...and as I'm sure every visitor and resident would agree, Savannah's public squares are a true treasure.  I could have spent hours wandering from square to square or with a book on a park bench.  That is on my list for our next visit there!  

Another carriage shot...and our only picture together.  We left our camera at the beach house, so we only had our phones...I feel like I'm missing pictures...and I think it's because we captured a lot of our trip on our then-new Flip camera...which I haven't even looked at yet!

After checking out of our hotel, we drove through a few more squares, explored a bookshop, and then had lunch at the Gryphon Tea Room.  By far, my favorite spot in Savannah.  I would spend way too much time here if I lived nearby!

The ambience was right up my alley.  The tea room occupies an old turn-of-the-century pharmacy with stained glass windows...walls and glass cases full of old books...unique lighting...and an original pharmacy cabinet I'd love to have for craft and homeschool storage!

As we were being seated, Brent noticed that one table was empty on a raised "stage" by the he requested it.  It was perfect and private and an ideal way to end our visit to Savannah.  The only thing that would have made it better was if there had been a pianist (notice the grand piano behind Brent) playing that afternoon.

I, of course, ordered high tea and a pot of Earl Grey...and the three tiered serving tray was quite a feast.  (I left quite full with a container to-go!)  The timing of our visit was ideal...our waitress told us that the next day they would be closing to remodel the kitchen...I'm so glad that I didn't miss getting to have tea here!

Our last stop in Savannah was Forsyth Park.  What a beautiful space in a beautiful city.  It was a hot day...and probably a good thing the iconic fountain has a fence around it...otherwise I might have dipped my feet in!

I do hope to return again to Savannah someday...


stephanie howell said...

a. my tummy is growling
b. SO glad you guys had fun, wish i could have seen you!
c. love you

Ursula said...

Ooooh! I think your visit to Savannah was better than mine, but I intend to do it again. I had two miserable teens and daddy wasn't too keen on taking them to the nicer places with their misery in tow. LOL I have a pic of those shops with bridges going to them if you want it! LOVED Savannah. Think I'd like to live there.


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