Saturday, August 27, 2011


Day 26: something old

 I do not remember a day when I didn't have these three things.

This precious little bear answers to Sweetheart.  Once upon a time, I believe he might have been mistaken for Pooh Bear. (He bears a Disney tag.)  His nose has been loved off for as long as I can remember.  He fits in the palm of my hand now.  And oh, the stories he could tell of slumber parties and vacations...trips to camp...laughter...tears.

The two "little blankets" and the beautiful quilt (made by and given to me by dear, precious friends of my parents) slept with me until I went to college.  And then the little blankets stayed inside my pillow during my four years at Baylor. Sweetheart rested against my pillow. The quilt stayed safely at home, as it became more fragile.

When I got married, the little blankets and my bear found a cozy spot in my dresser.  

When I had children, the quilt came back home with me and found the next generation of (gentle) use.  The little blankets made good "substitutes" for when Nathanael's little blanket was missing or in the wash.  And Sweetheart still loves to be held...though he doesn't quite capture their attention as he once did mine.  

I think you only become Real once.


Nevette said...

My heart is smiling! Love you lots! Mom

Katy said...

oh Sweetheart, I remember him being Real.


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