Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shoe Rule

Day 15: my shoes


I have never been a fan of thong-style sandals.   Cheap dime store flip-flops? Nope.  Expensive name-brand flip-flops? Nope.  I can't remember ever liking flip-flops. 

I've owned many pairs...because they seem so summery and cute. And easy to wear casual.

But I have a problem with the fabric/plastic/leather part between my toes. 


But a few summers ago, I found a thong-style sandal (a bit dressier than a flip flop...and from a label I'd not heard of before and can't remember now) that had the same strap design as pictured above.  A traditional flip-flop strap PLUS a strap along the base of the toes. And that second strap makes all the difference because it takes some of the pressure and weight off of that annoying strap between my toes. (After wearing them out, I searched for another similar style and found the ones above last summer at Dillards. The blue and green pattern makes me happy!)

This summer, I discovered these Reef sandals...and realized that a wedge heel does the same thing as that extra strap...it takes away a lot of the weight from the toes.  So I've pretty much worn out my Reefs and need to order another pair. 

Or ten.

Am I alone in my flip-flop issues?  Let me know!

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sarah corbin said...

for me it's hit or miss. sometimes they take a little while to get used to, but if they take too long, that usually means they aren't ever going to stop being uncomfortable.


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