Monday, August 08, 2011


I'm just dropping in to quickly share yesterday's photo:

Day 7: something new

In the middle there are two of the new curriculums we're using this year for homeschool.  

All about Spelling (for Hadleigh and Nathanael)
All about Reading (for Madeleine)
First Language Lessons/Writing with Ease (for Hadleigh...and maybe a bit with Nathanael)

And the reason for the super short post?  I'm off to work on lessons plans...we start homeschool a week from today!  But I'll be back with more details of school stuff later this week, for those who are interested/asking!

Have a great Monday!


Amy Coose said...

I think it's so great that you homeschool. I really don't think I'd have the patience for it, LOL!

Christa said...

Fun photo!


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