Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catch up: days 16, 17, 18

Just a quick minute to post these before too many more days go by...July has been full of travels & company and the month isn't over yet! Hope you are all enjoying your July days as we are!

Day 16: Summer Self Portrait, over tea, of course.

Day 17: Summer Work: math, reading, mothering, teaching, loving

Day 18: Summer Sunrise 

Evidence that I woke early and started a new (hopefully permanent) habit of exercising & rising with the sun.  That's tough for this night owl...but I'm determined and excited (except for the moment my alarm goes off!)

p.s. I've been posting all of these over can follow me there @ kimberleighd !

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Shawna said...

just catching up!! miss you. :)


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