Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 15: Treasure

On hot summer days, I treasure afternoon thunderstorms. 

And that is exactly what we've enjoyed for the last two days.

Ominous clouds on the horizon, slowly approaching. Thunder, at first distant and then immediate and close.

And then the sound of hard rain. Followed by a softer, soaking rain.

And then sunshine again.

I remember moving to Asheville the summer before I began fourth grade. We were moving from Texas and were so excited because the house we were renting had a pool. A pool! Every child's dream. We planned on spending all our days splashing and swimming.

That summer, we had daily afternoon thunderstorms. And you've never seen a group of four children more disappointed than we were.  All we wanted to do was swim. And then the thunder would start to sound.  We were ready to move back to Texas!

So, I guess I haven't always found rainy days inspiring...but I do love them now!

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