Thursday, July 26, 2012

July flies...

...but I'm back with the last week in photos:

Day 19: Summer Reading
Each of the kiddos has been doing a great job reading daily to one of us (usually Brent). I'm excited at their progress!

Day 20: Summer Treat
Brown sugar walnut tart from Starbucks...on the road to Rochester, NY!

Day 21: Summer love
Traveling to visit new places! Our first trip to see my sister Katy since she & Alex moved to NY! Loved this beautiful day visiting the gardens at the Eastman House!

Day 22: Summer style
I am all about skirts & dresses in the summer. Photo taken after church, today included an old favorite long skirt from Loft (a violet-blue to match the necklace), a 3/4 length white shirt , and these sandals.

Day 23: Summer shadow
I do appreciate the shade of trees on our property!

Day 24: Summer chores
Laundry day, after traveling, always seems endless...but for some reason, today, I got it all done & put away! (Might have something to do with our company expected at the end of the day!)

Day 25: Summer splash
Brent has been taking the kids to the pool in the afternoons after me some quiet time here at home.  He sends me pictures, and it is SO fun to see all three of them loving the water.  There were some summers past when I thought they would never enjoy learning to swim...but it's official.  We have three little fishes!

Day 26: Summer refreshment
Iced hazelnut latte.  It's my go-to summer coffee drink & even better when I can make it at home:
 Pour milk over ice in a cup. Flavor with syrup according to taste. Brew espresso and pour over milk. Admire how pretty it looks unstirred.  Then stir. Sip.  Enjoy. 
(I love the Starbucks insulated cups for cold drinks...use mine all the time!)

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