Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Day 3: Summer Memory

I thought that today's picture would center on an old special memory of mine. After all, I spent most of today in the home where I grew up. Every turn and nook and cranny are filled with memory. Almost every inch of the three acres reminds me of some adventure from my youth.

But it was a new memory that captured me today. One that I will remember for a long time. One that is almost historic for our family. And for Hadleigh.

Today, Hadleigh came face to face with Stella. And then proceeded to pet her.

Stella belongs to Matt, Amanda, & Rylie, my brother and his family. She is a Great Dane (their second) and by far, the tallest dog my children have ever seen. She is a sweetheart, calm and gentle and affectionate.

When Hadleigh was very small, a large dog startled her, and ever since then, she has been fearful of dogs. Big, small. Yippy or quiet. Calm or hyper. Any dog has always caused her to pretty much freak out and seek out the highest ground around her, often scrambling up her fathers shoulders at lightning speed.

But today, with only Rylie around, she conquered that fear and touched a dog that is taller (on her hind legs) than any of the adults in our family. She agreed to pet her again just for Mimi (and Madeleine), and I caught her secretly from around the corner.

This will be a moment that Hadleigh and I will remember forever.

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