Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nearing the end...

Just a few more days until the end of the challenge...

Day 27: Summer Craft(ing) 
I had planned on some fun summer crafts with the kids this day, but a stomach bug for Madeleine changed our plans. (Thankfully it was short-lived & only affected her.) So here's a shot of what my crafting space looks like right now. A stack of instagrams for a mini-album I hope to begin this week, a surprise project for someone dear to me, memorabilia to add to Project Life, and some new stamps I'm excited to try out!

Day 28: Summer Joy
These three. Life with children is never only all smiles and sunshine. But this moment, when they each read a portion (really read) of Psalm 117 on their own, well. It filled my heart with joy. For seeing something for which we've worked so hard (reading) becoming applicable to them. For seeing their excitement in knowing they were reading the Bible by themselves. (Brent had printed out the words all together and then enlarged their part to read. Love that he thought of that.) For seeing them willing & eager to contribute to our family worship time. Joy.

Day 29: Summer Discovery
One of the first plants I noticed in our yard when we moved in were these three tiny grapevines, growing in a somewhat strange spot along the ground, just a couple of leaves and a short branch of a stem.  They're not supported by any structure; I wondered how they would grow. But grow they have.  The branches are strong and heavy and have spread a lot more than I imagined they would.  The kids and I were delighted to discover that they are actually producing grapes...and we're looking forward to the moment they're ripe!

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