Friday, October 12, 2012

My baby is five.

It is bittersweet...a child turning five. The babyness fading away and precious little girlness gradually filling its void. 

My baby is five today.

Oh, my Madeleine.

You are sugar and spice. Definitely both. Our fickle pickle. Ladybug. Jalepeno.

Lover of dressing up and ballerina twirls and standing on your tippy toes.

Adorer of your brother and sister. (And the feeling is quite mutual.)

You still have baby-soft skin, and those kissy cheeks are rarely without kisses.

You charm us with your smiles. You melt into our embrace. You hold such a dear part of our hearts.

You are SO excited about this birthday...and we pray that your fifth year will be a blessed one. For you have truly been a blessing to us.

I love you, baby.


Nevette said...

Please give sweet and precious Madeleine a big birthday hug and kiss for us!!! She is truly a blessing!

Keshet said...

i cant imagine:) such a beautiful girl!

btsoi. said...

Happy birthday to your precious little girl! She's beautiful :)


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