Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Day 3 of 31: Seasonal Decorating

I have found that the first year in a new home is the hardest year to decorate seasonally.

Autumn is my very favorite season, and in the past I have notoriously put a wreath on the door in celebration on September 1. (I was also the college girl in Waco, TX who wore jeans & a sweater each year in September despite the heat because you're just supposed to, coming from western North Carolina.)

But this year I've been reluctant to begin.

Furniture has been repurposed for use in different ways...the front door is red facing the street and white inside the house, not the deep, dark stained wood I loved for four years.  The hearth in this home doesn't have the same presence as the previous one and the mantle is just a couple inches deep. Challenges to the way I am accustomed to decorating.

But for the first time in all our married life, we are in a place that truly sees the four seasons. Autumn begins to creep in through one tree ablaze a few houses down from us. The tips of the leaves in our yard promise they won't be far behind.

And today, I came across these pictures, taken by my eight-year-old during this season last year. The things she noticed. Her perspective. What she chose to document with her little camera.

I remember that they (like me) love this time of year. Love the familiar details and the new ones.

And so I begin. With what's familiar and the same.

Wreaths on the front door. Check. But I need a new ribbon to hang them. The brown one (which used to blend perfectly) stands out a lot here. Easy fix.

My buffet decor. The lighting is different in this dining room and the walls are ever so spring green...but the color looks kind of pretty with the coppery pumpkins and fall leaf garland that has graced every place I've lived since my freshman dorm room.

My table centerpieces are next. And this is all I can find so far.  I foresee a trip to the storage room for missing wreath boxes and pedestals.

Coming soon? The front steps I've never had to decorate before (fun!) and a patio that overlooks a soon to be colorful treeline.

I love how seasonal decorations (especially in the fall & winter) make a home feel a bit more cozy and settled.

So tell me, what are you decorating this year that's new to you?

~This is Day 3. You can find all posts in the series here 31 Days of Making this House our Home.


Carol @arewethereyet said...

I agree, a home is always tough to decorate the first time - and we are in another "new" home this year. I have pulled out some of my pumpkins and fall candles - even put out a 'halloween pumpkin" decoration on the dining room table. However, since it is still in the low 90's here in Florida it is a little hard to really get into the "fall" spirit. (Plus I really miss my fireplace mantle - I don't have a fireplace in this house.)

ohiofarmgirl said...

Wow, Love that red door. Decorating in the fall seems to set the stage for the coming winter. Tomorrow I am showing a new area I have never decorated will have to check and see! Dianntha

Claire T said...

Beautiful! I love your red door too. Enjoy this new season in your new home.

michelle.starling said...

We too are in a new house this year. In fact we've been here less than two months. I see a theme with some of the topics, what makes a home. If you have time stop by my blog and read my post today. It's complimentary to yours.
Love your pics.


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