Thursday, October 04, 2012

Day 4 of 31: A Cozy Spot

I have always been a reader. 

I was the one with a flashlight under my covers or the promise of "Just one more chapter, please!"

A cozy spot and a good story were my perfect definition of a great afternoon, whether I was a child, a college freshman, or a young mother...though now the time to steal away with a book comes less often.

I have always loved little nooks designated for reading, and as such, desire one of my own in our new home.  The children each have bookshelves and a comfy beanbag to create a nook in their rooms. Brent has a favorite leather chair in our family room, perfectly set to enjoy a book, a movie, or, of course, football.

And I'm hoping to create my own special place with a much loved chair.

This chair is special. 

In our first home, it is where I rocked and prayed and read my Bible aloud while pregnant. It is where I spent countless hours nursing my oldest and rocking her to sleep, lullabies softly playing.

In our second home, it played a special part of our bedtime rituals in both Hadleigh's nursery and Nathanael's.

And in our last home, it enjoyed so many spots before it finally came to rest in the sunroom. There, it was enjoyed by all, regardless of whether accompanied by a cup of tea, a reading primer, a blankie, or a Star Wars hero in hand.

In this home, we have a formal living room that we're calling "The Library." And this is where my chair has found its home. 

But I'm anxious to make the spot comfortable and usable...right now there is only a standing lamp behind it...and no table on which to perch the latest read or a cup of tea.

Below is some Pinterest inspiration with some favorite ideas to make my little spot a little more practical and pretty.

I know I love my chair...but I'm a little in love with the style and color above. :)

via here and here

So the reading rooftop view is definitely not in the cards but fun inspiration nonetheless!

This just makes me want to relax. Love the monochromatic creams...and of course it's Autumn outdoors!

What a stunning view. This is definitely not quite my style, but I love the idea of a picture window and being in the trees while reading!

Love the unexpected in this picture...the bright pop of color and the white accessories.

This one falls into the "someday dream" category. Love the ceiling and the shelves...and there's room to snuggle & read to the kiddos on a rainy day.

And I couldn't help but include this one...I would have LOVED this as a child. I think it would be fun to reimagine this for me!

Excited to get started making my little corner comfy! I'll keep you posted!

Do you have a spot you love? I'd love to see it or hear about it!

~This is Day 4. You can find all posts in the series here 31 Days of Making this House our Home.


My Crafty Home Life said...

If that is not the cutest little peanut ever! I love all your ideas. I wonder if I can build a rooftop deck :) That would be ideal. Happy little table hunting.

Christie said...

Darling baby!

And the chair is special too. :) My rocking chair for my newborns wasn't comfortable and I didn't keep it after the second baby, so I don't have a sentimental chair. I kind of wish I did!

I found you via 31 Days (saw your comment at Life on the Funny Farm). I'm also blogging about a similar topic ... Rental Potential.

momstheword said...

So you're a 31 Dayer too! How fun! What precious memories that chair holds for you. I still have the rocking chair that I rocked my babies in.

I love my sunroom. It's probably my most favorite room in our home!

Amy said...

I love this post, the pictures, the emotional connection to a reading spot. I'm just having a love-fest experience on this post. I have a favorite reading spot, and I think I'll post a pic in one of my 31 Days posts, since I'm doing a book theme.

I'm new to Pinterest, and mostly just have quotes and books "pinned"... Oh, I'm inspired now!! :-) I'm linking to your site in my post today. It's a perfect fit.


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