Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 30 of 31: The Memory Makers

This is one of my very favorite things.

My Mom gave me this blue and white tea set just before Brent and I were married. She added pieces to it through the years, some of them found on a trip to England. 

These special dishes remind me of the tea room in Biltmore Village where my Mom and I have made so many mother-daughter (and now grand-daughter) memories. It reminds me of a Valentines Tea I hosted for many years with friends while our husbands were deployed. 

It has been used to celebrate baby showers and birthday luncheons. It has delivered soothing tea and conversation to breaking hearts. It is often a respite from a hectic day and harried emotions.

It gleams on sunny, spring days and in candlelight. It prompts tea parties during snowstorms, hurricanes, and Christmas vacations. 

All my life, my Mom told us to "Make a memory." It makes me smile when I see azaleas in bloom or mountains afire in autumn. There are words that accompany those sights..."make a memory."

There are things within a home...and they're just things...but they're also memory makers. Something that makes an ordinary day a little more special. Or an extra special day extraordinary. 

There are things that when used, remind you and those around you that this is special. This is worth remembering. They are special.

I never tire of using this tea set. Of creating new memories to tuck away with the dishes on the shelves of my blue pie safe.  I have to admit, washing these dishes is actually something I love to do.

What are the memory makers in your home?

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~This is Day 30 of 31 Days. You can find all posts in the series here 31 Days of Making this House our Home.

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Merrick Dunphy said...

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I have several mis-matched tea pots but no nice tea set!


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